Navigating mental health can often be a complex journey, and at GREAT CARE HEALTH SERVICES LLC, we strive to make that journey smoother for you. As a leading telehealth provider, we offer comprehensive services that cater to diverse needs of our clients whether in person or using modern communication tools.

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Individual Counseling/Therapy

Personalized and compassionate, our counseling services provide tailored support to help you navigate life's challenges and foster personal growth.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers therapeutic support, addressing mental health concerns while allowing you to maintain your daily routine.

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Psychiatric Evaluation

Our psychiatric evaluations offer an in-depth understanding of your mental health, forming the foundation for personalized treatment plans.

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If a need for medication is identified, our Psychiatrists prescribe medication based on diagnosis.

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Opioid Treatment Services

Offering a comprehensive approach to opioid addiction, we provide services that combine medication, therapy, and support for a road to recovery.

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Court Ordered Services

For those mandated to receive specific treatments by the judicial system, our experienced team provides court-ordered services.

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Evaluation and Treatment

Our in-depth evaluation and tailored treatment plans ensure you receive care unique to your mental health needs, optimizing your path to recovery.

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DUI Education

We offer DUI classes to meet your compliance needs. Our DUI instructors are certified in Prime For Life, a curriculum required in Tennessee and many other states across the nation.

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